Tonkin Tax Records
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In 1522, there was a military survey taken in Cornwall; this was in reality an assessment of the wealth of the County, ordered by King Henry VIIIís chancellor, Cardinal Wolsley. He used the assessment to exact a loan on everyone with goods of £5, or an income from land of £1 or more, at the rate of 2 shillings in the pound. The loan was to finance the war with France, and was to be repaid in 1523, but it never was! The assessment was the first one since 1327 to contain the names of taxpayers in any substantial quantity.

Every man being the Kingís subject, not lame, decrepit nor maimed nor having any other lawful or reasonable cause or impediment, being within the age of  60 years (except spiritual men, justices etc.) shall... have a bow and arrows ready continually in his house to use himself...and that every man having a man-child in his house shall provide, ordain and have in his house for every man-child being of the age of 7 years till he shall come to the age of 17 years a bow and two shafts to induce and learn them and bring them up in shooting...and if the same young men be servants, that then their master shall abate the money that they shall pay for the same bows and arrows out of their wages.

The index is from my own transcriptions and contains 27 records.
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