Tonkin Miscellaneous Records
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The Protestation Oath was drawn up by the House of Commons on 3rd May 1641, all males over 16 had to sign. The oath had six stated objectives:

To defend “the true reformed protestant religion, expressed in the doctrine of the church of England, against all popery and popish innovations”.
To defend “the power and privileges of parliaments”.
To defend “His majesty’s royal person, honour and estate”.
To defend “The lawful rights and liberties of the subjects, and every person that maketh this protestation”.
To oppose and bring to punishment “all such as shall, either by force, practice councels, plots, conspiracies or otherwise” oppose anything in the protestation.
To preserve “the union and peace between the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland”.

This index for Cornwall is from my own transcriptions and contains 85 records.
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